Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reconstituting Honey

I have a squeezy-bottle of honey in my pantry, that somehow made it into the refrigerator.  The honey crystallized, and refused to squeeze, or even to flow at all.  Now I like crystallized honey just fine, but only when it's in a wide-mouthed container so I can get to it.

I placed the bottle in a small pot of water (making sure the level of the water was above the level of the honey), put it over medium-low heat, and monitored it closely.  To keep the bottle from being in direct contact with the bottom of the pot, I placed it in a small ceramic bowl.  (Edit:  Don't trap any air under the bowl.)  I also made sure the bottle was open, to accommodate pressure changes while heating and cooling.  The warm water melted the honey crystals, and I now have happily-squeezable honey again.

(Edit:  Microwaving might have worked as well, but I was unsure of the properties of the plastic, and decided not to risk it.)

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